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birthday wishes for little brother

happy birthday wishes for younger brother

I miss you so much little brother, May this day in your life be as jovial as you. Happy birthday!

May this special day in your life be beautiful, full of love and happiness! Happy Birthday, brother!

I wish you all the things in life as you celebrate your special day. Happy birthday small brother!

To the baby boy who has grown so fast to become a man. I wish you the best happy birthday brother.

It is just the other day you were born; time really passes by so quickly. Now you are a grown-up man. Happy Birthday small brother!

You are the best younger brother in the whole world. Happy birthday to my younger brother!

We might fight and disagree but you are always my small brother. Happy Birthday, brother!

You are my best gift ever, happy birthday to my beloved brother!

Happy birthday, brother, you are such an awesome brother I have.

They call you their best friend, but to me, you are still my little brother. Happy Birthday, bro!

To the best little brother I have ever had. Happy birthday!

It is just the other day, you were very tiny, now look at you, a grown-up little brother. I wish you a Happy Birthday little brother!

I hope that this birthday will make you a little wiser, but we both know that won’t happen

Brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but we’ve been lucky to be best friends. Happy birthday, Bestie.

Bro! Happy Birthday. May today be filled with fun and laughter.

It‘s a great blessing to have such a loving and understanding brother like you. I love you and wish you a brilliant birthday!!!

You are really my favorite younger brother..Have a fantastic birthday!

There is no other day that I am happier to call you my brother than today, your birthday.

There is no other day like today – your birthday – that puts a smile on my face. Happy Bday little one.

My sweet Li’l brother..Many more happy returns of the day.

Happiness is the love of a brother. Many more happy returns of the day.

Happiness is having a brother like you. Sending you lots of love today.

Wishing a wonderful younger brother a wonderful birthday!

Life has been worth loving with you, my little brother. Wish you a Happy Birthday my little brother!

I always wished to have a little baby brother, and when you were born. My dream came true. I was so happy to have you as my brother. Happy Birthday, brother!

Happy Birthday little brother! You got your kindness from Mum, intelligence from Dad, and sense of humour from me, so be grateful! You’re welcome.

Bro, no matter what life throws at us, I’ve always got your back. Happy birthday little brother!

Happiest Birthday to my one and only little brother! Thanks for being the most awesome brother I could ever have.

Happy Birthday little brother! No matter how many birthdays you celebrate, you will never be older than me! Ha, you’re stuck as my lil bro!

Happy Birthday to my brother. I wish you a wonderful day, you will always be my lil bro no matter what happens.

You have always been the most adorable little brother to me. Happy birthday, champ! Wish you all the best on this day!

I may not always express but deep inside, I always feel so lucky to share my childhood with you, little munchkin. Have a delightful birthday this year.

It doesn’t matter how many birthdays you celebrate; you can never be older than me. Enjoy this one with this thought.

Your birthdays are special because you are special. Have fun in your own way on this one.

Little champ, May Lord protect you from every harm. Have a great birthday, all day long.

Happy birthday to the most adorable one in the family. I love you.

Happy birthday to our parent’s second favorite child! Just kidding, brother. I wish you the best on your special day.

There are many parts of my childhood I would love to replace, but none of them includes you. Happy birthday little brother.

Seems like just yesterday when you were an annoying little kid. Not much has changed has it? Happy birthday little bro. 

I love the innocence that lies in you. May you always remain the same. Happy birthday, brother.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful and caring younger brother like you. Wish you all the best on your birthday!

A bunch of good memories is waiting for you on this day. Live all these beautiful moments to the fullest. Wishing a warm and joyful happy birthday to my cute little brother!

Happy birthday, dear little brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life; you truly deserve it!

Today is no ordinary day for today is your birthday, little brother! Enjoy your special day!

Little brothers are meant to bring laughter, pranks, and fun to your life. You have done all of the above, plus more! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, younger brother! Every memory with you is precious to me. You are always a reason for my happiness!

I am wishing a birthday that is as magnificent as can be, for my dear kid brother who is simply the greatest blessing to me.

To my most trustworthy advisor, happy birthday! What would I do without you, my little brother!

You may be younger, but I always turn to you for guidance, my dear brother! Happy birthday.

It has been a great experience growing up with you, my dear little brother. May you grow up to be a good human being. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to the nicest brother ever! You are so mature and considerate at this young age; I can see you growing up into a wise adult soon!

Happy birthday to my little brother who isn’t so little anymore! What happened to the cute, sweet little kid I grew up with!

happy birthday little brother

Maybe by the time you’re my age you’ll be as charming and attractive as me. I guess we’ll see!

JSYK, I was fighting for my life to be allowed to stay out past 9:30. Aren’t you glad they’d mostly given up by the time you were a teenager?

Happy birthday to the kid who was always willing to go along with my hijinks.

It’s no wonder you turned out so great with a role model like me.

Happy birthday to the baby of the family!

I may have cried when they brought you home from the hospital, but you’ve kinda grown on me.

Happy birthday to the brother who keeps me feeling young (BTW, can you explain to me what Fortnite is again?

Happy birthday to someone who is forever young at heart.

My birthday gift to you is this advice: get a good desk chair, because after age 30 your back will just kind of hurt all the time.

Your gift is that I literally taught you everything you know. You’re welcome!

It may be your day, but don’t forget to respect your elders (that’d be me).

Happy birthday, little bro! When I get old, you can repay the favor of me looking after you!

One year older, but still 21 at heart! Happy birthday little brother.

Happy birthday little man. Maybe this will be the year you grow big and strong like your big bro!

Happy birthday to my evil clone. One day I’ll get you to do my bidding!

Happy birthday! It’s no wonder you turned out so well when you had such a good role model…

One year older and just as handsome. Our looks must run in the family!

Happy birthday little man. Here’s to never growing up.

A wise word of advice from me, little bro. Make the most of not having back pain! Happy birthday.

You’ll always be a kid in my eyes, little bro. Wishing you a very special day.

Happy birthday little man. Want to take some of these gray hairs off me?

Here’s hoping you achieve all your dreams brother. Happy birthday.

May you continue to always shine, dear brother. Happy birthday.

My feelings for you cannot be summed up in words – happy birthday brother

Who needs a birthday present when you have the most fabulous sibling in the world? Happy birthday, brother!

Distance does not matter as I am feeling your awesomeness from here. Hope you’re feeling my happy wishes there!

Happy birthday to my favourite human. May you always shine.

Dear brother – words cannot express my feelings for you. Happy birthday.

I wish for you to have a cheerful, memorable, and happy birthday now and forever!

The best thing in life that my parents gave me is such a wonderful brother! You always know how to bring a big smile to my face. Have an exciting Big Day!

Hey, thanks for all the super fun times, great conversations, wonderful memories you’ve created with me each day. Happy birthday brother.

Happy Birthday to My Admired Younger Brother! Happy birthday, my dear brother, and have an amazing year.

May you experience hope, joy, love, and sunlight every day of your life. Birthday greetings, Younger Brother!

We are thankfol for all the crazy we have experienced together and anticipate having more in the future. Best wishes for your younger brother’s birthday.

Happy birthday to my younger brother, with whom I have shared a lot of wonderfol moments throughout the years. I’m gratefol for all the enjoyable and exciting occasions. Have fun today.

Every day I give thanks to God for giving me a brother like you. I want to express my gratitude for being the best brother anyone coold ask for on your birthday. Birthday greetings, lovely younger brother!

Cheers, younger brother! I just wanted to make sure you knew how great you are! I love you to the moon and back.

Happy birthday to you, little brother. I hope you are aware of how special you are to me today and every day.

Happy birthday to the younger sibling! You are the best example for all of us. Keep working toward your objectives.

I put everything else aside today and focus on the fact that my brother is the best brother ever! Have fun today. I’m wishing you a very happy birthday.

Hey Brother, hope you have a wonderfol day. Get outside and enjoy yourselves! Dearest brother, happy birthday!

Happy birthday my dearest sibling! You have been such an adorable and lovable little brother, I can’t help but to love you more every day!

Happy birthday little brother. I still remember the years when you were just a little toddler learning to walk around the house. Today, you’re already preparing for your finals! All the best!

I know that I am a lucky elder sibling because I have you as my little brother. I love you so very much! May God’s blessings follow you everywhere you go on your special day.

Happy birthday my dear little brother. With this birthday, I wish you an abundance of joy and laughter – I hope that you will always stay as cheerful as you are on this day.

Dear little brother, the world still has so many surprises in store for you! I hope that you will feel God’s graces and blessings whenever you see them. Happy birthday!

Little brother -happy birthday, have a great day.

Dear little brother – it’s your birthday today, so take the day off.

To my little brother – thank you for bringing the zing into my life.

I thank mom for bringing you into this world- happy birthday.

Having a little brother is like having a 24×7 playmate.

Thank you for being you little brother!



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